Facebook rolling out food ordering feature in America

Facebook rolling out food ordering feature in America
Constantly thinking of ways to make even more apps on your phone obsolete, Facebook is reportedly working on a food ordering option. It would work straight through the web and mobile versions of Facebook, making it possible to grab pizza without leaving the social network.

The new option can be found in the Facebook website sidebar, or under the app's main menu. It's probably limited to America, though, as deliveries are carried out via Delivery.com and Slice. Tapping the option will display a list of local restaurants that you can order from. The whole process can be complete through Facebook, including entering your address, specifying payment, tipping, and paying.

The feature is on a gradual rollout to users, with some getting a message that no nearby restaurants are available to deliver. Do you think traditional food delivery apps are in danger now? And do you like the idea of doing your food orders through Facebook? Tell us what you think!


source: TechCrunch


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1. dmitrilp_

Posts: 330; Member since: Sep 12, 2016

Fu*k no, i don't even use that stupid app, let alone to order food on it. What they're trying to do is get your credit/debit card info to start spamming you with retarded offers to get you to spend your money on.

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