FCC decision to revoke its license "unsupported by law" says LightSquared

FCC decision to revoke its license "unsupported by law" says LightSquared
LightSquared has had enough. After losing that big Sprint contract and having its license revoked by the FCC, the company has seen its hopes and dreams go up in smoke thanks to the interference that LightSquared's network allegedly brought to neighboring GPS systems. On Friday the company said that the FCC's decision to revoke its license was "entirely unsupported by the law, science, and FCC policy and precedent."

In its statement, LightSquared said that the GPS industry had known about LightSquared's FCC approval to build its land-based system. Thus, the company believes that it is up to the FCC to come up with a way to allow the company to move ahead with its plan to offer LTE 4G service and save money for Americans. Additionally, the company attacked the FCC for blocking its plan while another LTE system offered by DISH Network. After all of this heartache, LightSquared says it is still committed to using its spectrum "as repeatedly approved by the FCC, and remains willing to work with all interested parties to achieve a solution that best serves the broadband needs of millions of Americans across the nation." You can read the entire presser at the sourcelink.

source: LightSquared via Phonescoop



6. Droid_X_Doug

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Memo to LightSquared - lots of luck. You really don't get it. It is not up to the FCC to solve your problems. Until you can figure out that part and come up with a solution that works, you are going nowhere fast. Your lawsuit won't survive the first motion to dismiss.

7. MorePhonesThanNeeded

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Not in the know are you? LightSquared was awarded spectrum by the FCC in the first place and when their system was built all of a sudden other GPS entities complained that LIghtsquared's solution was interfering with their GPS when it's actually the other way around. The other GPS solutions are looking into Lightsquared's spectrum while attempting to get a lock, so do you understand the picture now? Basically it's just the FCC being paid by someone to basically change their mind because the other GPS solutions would have to spend lots of money to find a better way to avoid looking into LightSquared spectrum and incurring interference. Proves that American business is still backed by craptastic lobbying as is everything else, money buys a hell of a lot doesn't it.

8. Droid_X_Doug

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Get a clue. The moment LightSquared's technology was demonstrated to interfere with GPS signals, the game was over. There is no way the feds were going to eat the cost to retrofit their GPS investment. I know it is hard for you to understand that, given how large the balance is on the national credit card, but that is reality.

9. medicci37

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@ Droid_X_Doug Exactly!


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that's it in a nutshell

2. downphoenix

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at&t and verizon lobbying dollars at work. Mission accomplished.

3. mozes316

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

1. roscuthiii

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Whether or not the FCC overstepped its bounds by revoking the license is up for the lawyers to hammer out. However, this part here. "...it is up to the FCC to come up with a way to allow the company to move ahead..." kind of sounds like LightSquared wants the FCC to do the homework for them.

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