Evidence appears of Video Chat support in next iPhone

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Evidence appears of Video Chat support in next iPhone
According to 9to5Mac, they have found many clues in the 4.0 SDK betas of video conferencing for the iPhone. Some of the clues include references to moderators, chat rooms, encrypted video conferences and other features which could be used by game developers to add video chat to gaming apps. The conference framework folder shows sounds that iPhone users will hear to alert them of an incoming Video chat request. 9to5Mac listened to the sounds and it is the same as the ones used on the iChat Mac application. In a list of Video/Chat Room/Moderator/Encryption strings, the Property List displays the default calls that the iChat app will need to make and some of these strings are unique to the iPhone OS and are not seen in iChat for Mac. The unique iPhone strings are seen mostly in Chat Rooms and Moderation. This leads to speculation that the next iPhone might allow you to play online games head to head and have a video/audio chat with your opponent while the game is in progress. The moderation is required to make sure that video on the iPhone doesn't turn into a triple X rated ChatRoulette experience. Other strings discovered show what Video Chat will be able to do on an iPhone such as One-on-One video chats and video conferencing calls to view multiple callers at the same time. To keep away prying eyes from the outside world, Apple is apparently testing Video Chat on their own private intranet on three servers. Unless all of these discoveries are removed from the final version of the software, a long rumored function of the iPhone will finally be available with the new version of the handset.

source: 9to5Mac


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