Ever wondered what a giant Nokia Lumia would look like? This is the closest thing you're gonna get!


PhoneArena has been liveblogging Microsoft's Build 2013 Developer Conference and among other heart-warming happenings throughout the day – like a free Surface Pro – Microsoft had another awe-inspiring jewel tucked away, letting it be known that geeks can be cool, too!

As if from a twistedly magnificent fantasy comes a giant Nokia Lumia-esque wall comprised of exactly 200 Lumia 820, eclipsing earlier efforts by Sony and its 196 Xperia ZL grid.

In case you're wondering, the Lumia wall gets you exactly 12000x6400 pixels perfectly synchronized by a custom app built specifically for the occasion allowing a master device to communicate with the 'wall' over Wi-Fi. Among the different demos was a giant Bing Map running across 200 devices in unison and even a series of the typical Windows Phone live tiles, each representing a different app available on the WP Store.

We've struggled coming up with a name for the little marvel, so help in the comment section below will be appreciated. The Lumia TV? The Lumia 82.0-incher? Go wild!

source: Engadget

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