Euro McDonald's testing wireless charging for customers

Euro McDonald's testing wireless charging for customers
If tests go as hoped, soon you might be able to stop into a McDonald's while overseas, and while enjoying a 60 piece McNugget lunch, wirelessly recharge your smartphone. Selected McDonald's locations in Europe are testing a Qi-based wireless charging system from a company called PowerKiss. Those with Qi-supported phones will be able to put their wireless device on a table and it will automatically start recharging. Smartphone or tablets not Qi-supported can plug in a PowerKiss ring to recharge their device. Those Micky D's testing the PowerKiss recharging system will have the technology hidden inside tables where they cannot be seen by customers.

The PowerKiss wireless recharging platform is used throughout the world in restaurants, cafes, hotels and airports. The Qi-wireless charging standard is supported by more than 150 companies globally with an installed base of more than 15 million units.

First came free Wi-Fi and now comes wireless recharging as a way to attract customers in the competitive fast food business.

source: PowerKiss, GoodNewsFinland via WMPoweruser

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