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Enjoy the OnePlus 2 3D announcement here if you missed it

Never settling on tried and tested formulas, OnePlus went ahead and innovated the way we experience device announcements a bit, by delivering the first ever 3D VR device introduction ever with today's OnePlus 2 event. OnePlus's initiatives haven't always worked out so well, but opting to announce its new device through an unconventional VR session does indeed show that the company has balls.

As it turns out, despite the understandable skepticism that may arise upon the news of the invite-loving company's virtual reality efforts, OnePlus's VR presentation is actually quite fun to watch. It's a much more personal and immersive experience than your typical keynote, that's for sure. For those who have missed it, we have the full presentation video right up there. It's the 2D clip version which is viewable on any monitor - and you still get the ability to turn around in the environment using the on-screen buttons. For the full VR experience, you'll still need to have a Google Cardboard-style headset, as well as the OnePlus 2 Launch application. The application will stream the VR side-by-side version of the video by default.

Here's how to get the app, and right below you can see what the Android app is going to display the VR presentation.

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