Dual Shot feature rumored to be coming to the Apple iPhone 5S

Will the Apple iPhone 5S offer a dual-shot camera?
As the smartphone rivalry between Samsung and Apple reaches new levels with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and a rumored delay in the release of the next iteration of the Apple iPhone, the climate is perfect for a series of rumors and speculation. One rumor comes from a software engineer who claims to have worked on the team responsible for the camera on the next iPhone. According to the engineer, the Apple iPhone 5S will come with a 2MP front facing camera compared to the 1.3MP snapper that currently adorns the front of the Apple iPhone 5.

Besides bringing FHD video capture to the camera on front of the next Apple iPhone, the software engineer also says that a feature called Dual Shot will be coming to iOS 7. This will allow a picture or video to be taken using both the back and front cameras at the same time. If this sounds familiar to you, it should. Both Samsung and LG have announced similar features for their latest top-shelf Android models.

According to the software engineer, the feature for iOS 7 is still undergoing tests and will not be a part of the initial release of iOS 7 unless it is out of beta by the time it is introduced at WWDC in June. Otherwise, it will be a major feature for iOS 7.1. Dual Shot will be available only on the Apple iPhone 5S similar to the way that the new Panorama feature is limited to the Apple iPhone 5.

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source: iOSDoc

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