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Dirt cheap redefined: Nokia 103 introduced

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Dirt cheap redefined: Nokia 103 introduced
Dirt cheap redefined: Nokia 103 introduced
Let’s take a break from all the quad-core phones and fancy chipsets we obsess over almost every day and take a look at Nokia really stretching the ultra low-end with the newly introduced Nokia 103. Stand-out feature? How about a price tag of merely $21 (16 euro) before taxes? Yes, that would make it the cheapest Nokia so far and one of the world’s most affordable handsets.

Now, that 1.36” display on the Nokia 103 is black and white but in exchange you get rock solid battery life that would keep you mobile for up to 27 days on standby. The battery has a capacity of 800mAh and there’s also a flashlight. It all runs on Nokia’s Series 30.

The Nokia 103 will store as many as 250 SMS messages and comes with a 3.5mm standard jack and FM radio. The phone book supports 500 entries, so all in all it looks like a very decent disposable phone - one that you wouldn’t be afraid to lose and one that you can always rely on when the battery on that snazzy new monster phone you’ve got dies before your workday ends.

The handset is launching in Nigeria initially, and will surely make its way to other developing markets, but we doubt it’d be coming stateside. 

source: Nokia via IntoMobile

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Dirt cheap redefined: Nokia 103 introduced

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