DROID DOES X-Rated app from Android Market

DROID DOES X-Rated app from Android Market
With the open source nature of Android, certain apps that would never get past the eagle eyes of the Apple censor, can sail right through the Android Market. Case in point: MiKandi. The latter offers an app that connects an Android user to a site where X-rated pictures can be viewed, some from other developers looking to get paid for providing "content". Not wanting to call it what it is-porn-the site refers to itself as "Adult only" and while the app works on Android powered handsets, it will not work on the iPhone. This is the unfortunate price that Google and Android carrying cell operators must pay in order to offer a totally free, open source system. It is a lose-lose situation for them. If they censor the material, they might lose the ability to call themself "open". Let the site be offered on the Android Market and that invites the criticism and flak from those who are outraged at the nature of the business.

For the sake of research, the guys at Phandroid downloaded the app to check it out and found that nothing worked. After agreeing to the End User Agreement, a screen entitled "Staff Picks" was loaded revealing nothing but a blank page (and no, it wasn't that they went blind) and other options, when pressed, would lead to a "forced close". Phandroid closed by reminding everyone that downloading a site from an unknown party presents enough risk without then using the unknown party's site as a gateway to other sites from more unknown parties which then raises the risk level sharply higher. Curiosity killed the cat and your phone does not have 9 lives, so keep that in mind.

source: Phandroid

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