Cut the cords: 7 high-end smartphones with built-in wireless charging

Cut the cords: 7 high-end phones with built-in wireless charging
Imagine a world where smartphones' batteries are recharged wirelessly, as if by magic; no need to go looking for that pesky charging cable, no need to hook up anything to your handset, no risk of ending up with a broken phone after tripping on its wire while charging it. Now stop imagining because wireless charging is totally real and within reach – dozens are the smartphones compatible with the Qi standard for wireless charging. However, many of the Qi-capable handsets don't have the necessary hardware built in. Instead, wireless charging is only an option – one that can be "enabled" by purchasing an attachment or a replacement back plate.

The smartphones we have listed below are all exceptions. They belong to the rare breed of phones that come with integrated wireless charging – it works straight out of the box. If you're looking to add a bit of convenience in your life, perhaps you should check these bad boys out, starting with the...

Samsung Galaxy S6

Back in February, many were disappointed to learn that the Galaxy S6 was to come with a non-removable battery. In all likeliness, the fact that wireless charging was built into the handset was meant to soothe their pain. In addition to Qi, the phone is compatible with the lesser-known PMA standard, meaning that it should charge from pretty much any wireless charging pad you lay it on.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Yup, the S6's curvier counterpart is also blessed with wireless charging abilities, and both the Qi and PMA standards are supported. The convenience is more than welcome given the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge leaves room for improvement when it comes to battery life, just like the case is with the Galaxy S6.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Think of the Galaxy S6 Active as the Hulk of flagship smartphones. It is tough enough to handle serious drops, yet powerful enough to run the latest apps and games. In addition, you get a beautiful screen, a wonderful camera, and a massive, long-lasting battery. Despite the beefy cell tucked inside the handset, Samsung has decided to include Qi and PMA wireless charging as well.

Sony Xperia Z4v

Not long ago, Sony announced the Xperia Z3+ – a new global flagship smartphone and successor to the Xperia Z3. Then soon after it came the Sony Xperia Z4v, which is a Z3+ tailored for Verizon. The wireless charging feature built into the Z4v isn't the only factor setting it apart from the Z3+. Verizon's phone also comes with one of those fancy Quad HD displays, for pixel-perfect images.

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Google Nexus 6

As other Nexus phones before it, the Google Nexus 6 boasts wireless charging capabilities. It is also a great option for anyone in need of a powerful, yet inexpensive large-screened Android device.  

Motorola Droid Turbo

Let's all stop for a moment and take a look at one of the best phones Motorola has ever built. Seriously, there's quite a few things you won't find on the Droid Turbo's specs sheet and list of features – it is powerful, good-looking, and packed with tons of battery juice. And somehow, Motorola has managed to squeeze wireless charging coils in there as well. Sweet!

Nokia Lumia 930

Once you swallow the fact that you won't be getting the latest apps, you might come to the realization that the Nokia Lumia 930 isn't a bad phone. In fact, it is the best Windows Phone handset money can buy right now, with a gorgeous display, powerful camera, and a camera that's not to be underestimated. As you can surely guess, the Lumia 930 also includes built-in wireless charging.

Bonus: YotaPhone 2

While the Qi-capable YotaPhone 2 falls a bit short of being a high-end phone, we thought we'd add it to the list anyway. It stands out with a unique feature – a secondary e-ink display residing on its back. As the latter is extremely energy efficient, it allows the phone to be used for up to 3 days on a single charge, as long as you like your YouTube videos in black and white.

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