Count to 6 and check out LG's invite for a February 26 event at MWC 2017 in Barcelona!

Count to 6 and check out LG's invite for a February 26 event at MWC 2017 in Barcelona!
LG has done a good job dropping breadcrumbs about the LG G5's successor. Granted, it hasn't gotten us all hyped up about it with any grand revelations or expensive adverts of much style and little substance. But the odd mention of the LG G6 by company executives, the little teaser video, and the explicit reassurance that no, its battery won't catch fire like that of a noteable smartphone before it have made us optimistic. If LG tones down the design experimentation and makes the most of the available technology with meaningful features and improvements, the G6 could be its best smartphone to date. Nah, just kidding. We all know that's the Nexus 4!

That aside, LG just dropped an invite for a February 26 event in Barcelona, scheduled for 12:00 local time. The image unmistakably hints towards a smartphone reveal, and the slogan "See More, Play More" picks up after LG's "Play Begins." MWC 2016 invite that led us to the LG G5. All of this makes it pretty obvious that the LG G6 will be among MWC 2017's highlights... unless LG scraps its flagship smartphone at the last moment and unveils a Wi-Fi connected toaster or something. We can never be too sure!

One of the things we already know for certain about the G6 is that LG, being LG, went for an unusual 9:18 aspect ratio for its 5.7-inch Quad-HD resolution LCD display. This ratio makes it narrower and is supposed to better present Android Nougat's split-screen and multi-window functionality, as well as make better overall use of the available screen space. We've also heard some unconfirmed rumors in the past few weeks – the modular design is gone, the back panel is covered in glass, the display is edge-to-edge, the smartphone is waterproof and its retail date is March 10.

Specs-wise, the cutting-edge Snapdragon 835 processor seems like a sure bet, unless LG pulls off an HTC and announces a top-tier smartphone running last year's Qualcomm chip – not a bright idea when you are about to be butting heads with Samsung's newest Exynos! We also expect at least 4GB of RAM memory and a dual camera setup. For more rumors, clues, and leaked intel, check out our comprehensive LG G6 rumor round-up!





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Interesting. As long as LG doesn't put a crap screen on it, it should be good. ARM cores, a supposedly more efficient screen in a ratio that'll make it easier to hold than a 5.5" in standard form, and LG's camera, all come together to make a phone that could be pretty good. If this is good, I may sell my 3T for this...Or the OnePlus 4 or Nokia. But seriously, I don't think I want an AMOLED anymore. Pentile feels fuzzy to my eyes and the depth of the black (which isn't really absolute black, as outside of absolute dark situations it doesn't feel much blacker than my old Z3C) makes the contrast too high and certain things seem to glow. Doesn't feel super great to my eyes. Maybe it's pentile and not AMOLED, perhaps. Anyways, let's go 2017 -_-

2. jessy90

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Dark wallpaper with fire works?SEE more...?thats seems like a strong low light camera to me!

3. danygandhi

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The image without the black background is 234 X 468 which is 9:18 aspect ratio.

4. Xperia14

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I wish they had stayed with 16:9, now it' one very long screen. Oh well, if the S8 plus won't get FM radio I will get this anyways.

5. abdoualgeria

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We all know the g6 will fail just like the g5 .... Lg ... Listen to your consumers and you will sell millions

6. Geekify

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Can't wait to see lg g6 The best android flagship for 2017

8. shield

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12. Hoggington

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LG needs to announce a release date and pre-order date, at the same time as the unveiling. For the same reason Sammy and Apple always do...people want to know when they can buy it, when enthusiasm is at it's highest. Something LG has inexcusably failed to do for years with their flagships. When the G5 and V20 were both announced. There wasn't even a pre-order date given until more than a month after both unveilings. The S7's had already been announced, for sale and in peoples hands, before a release date had even been given for the G5. Leaving the hardware/design choices aside.... they really need to pull their heads out with regards to simple business acumen, to stand any chance whatsoever. LG, if you guys need a new strategy chief...I'm available for contract work ;-)

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