Cook franks and beans while you charge your phone with the FlameStower fire charger

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An accessory called the FlameStower fire charger is a product that allows you to charge your handset even if there are no outlets around you. Take the FlameStower out of its small carrying case and put it near an open flame. Fill the appropriate container with water, and plug the USB plug into the charger. Attach your USB or Lightning port to the charger and your phone, and you'll be cooking with fire.

Speaking of cooking, you'll be able to put up some franks and beans while topping off your phone's battery. All you need is an open flame and some water. Camp fires (this is the season for them), candles and cooking stoves will all do. And if you want to know the science behind this, it is simple. The heat from the fire creates thermal energy which is transferred to the Thermoelectric Generator. One side of the generator is hot from the fire, while the other side is cool since it is touching the water reservoir. The difference in temperature creates electricity. Twenty minutes of charging time will give you 40 minutes of talk time. Budget about 2.5 hours to charge your phone.

The FlameStower Charger is available now from Amazon for $99.99 with free shipping. If interested, tap on the sourcelink. And to see the product in action, don't miss the video embedded at the top of this article.

source: Stower, Amazon

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