Chromecast torn down, simple does it

Chromecast torn down, simple does it
The Chromecast is a wonderful little media player/streamer and at $35 it’s basically a no-brainer. What is it made of, though? If that question has been bugging you now you can have the answer.

The Chromecast is nothing all that complicated on the inside - it consists of a single motherboard and a huge aluminum heat sink. Hey, at least Google did warn that it could get hot at times and it’s no surprise they’ve included such a buffer.

iFixit usually tries to estimate how easy or hard a gadget is to repair, but in this case there is only a single motherboard. Nothing to repair!

In terms of specifications, you probably already know that the streamer is capable of beaming 1080p videos from the cloud and supports single-channel 2.4GHz Wi-Fi b/g/n. The Chromecast works across all platforms that come to mind - from Android and iPhone to notebook computers running Mac, Windows and Chrome OS.

source: iFixit

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