Canadian court grants Telus' request for injunction against Rogers' ads

Canadian court grants Telus' request for injunction against Rogers' ads
We recently reported how Canaidan carriers Telus and Rogers were having a feud somewhat similar to what is happening with Verizon, AT&T and Apple in the U.S. Up north, Telus had filed suit complaining that Rogers claim of being the carrier with speeds "two times faster than any other" was no longer true once Telus turned the key on its 21Mbps HSPA network on November 5th. Despite admitting in court that it was no longer the fastest Canadian carrier, Rogers was hoping that a third party survey more than 2 years old, claiming that they had the faster network, would suffice as evidence, but the Canadian judge proved smarter than that, even disallowing Rogers claim that it was the most reliable network because it offered EDGE as a back-up to 3G service. Rogers has filed an appeal saying that, "further steps will be taken shortly". Meantime, the court has ordered the carrier to appear on Friday to discuss the logistics of pulling the ads. Moving south, we are still waiting for the dust to settle after Apple joined AT&T by debuting two ads Monday night that aimed at showing a weakness of the CDMA network that Verizon uses-the inability to simultaneously browse and take a call at the same time over 3G.

source: BGR


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