Telus and Rogers ape AT&T and Verizon in Battle of the Cellular Carriers

Telus and Rogers ape AT&T and Verizon in Battle of the Cellular Carriers
When a show becomes successful, whether it is on the stage or television, versions of it are developed for other countries. With the exciting battle between AT&T and Verizon reaching a fever pitch now that AT&T has started to lob back return fire at Big Red, our neighbors to the north have worked out their own version of the battle. Canadian carriers Telus and Rogers now have their own feud brewing and if it all sounds too familiar, it's because it is.

Rogers has been making claims that it is "Canada's most reliable network" and that it is "two times faster than any other". Telus says that once it deployed its 21Mbps HSPA network on November 5th, Rogers could not continue to make those claims. The latter asked the former to cease and desist, trying to keep the action away from the courts. Rogers refused and it was 'Game On'. A lawsuit was filed while Rogers stands by a 2007 independent study that shows its service to be superior. Since Telus' new network has yet to be tested by a third party, it cannot yet refute any claims. Rogers can also claim that its network is the most reliable in Canada because it has EDGE as a back up, something Telus does not have.

Telus wants Rogers to admit that it has disregarded the standards of the Competition Act, stop airing all ads that claim the carrier has the fastest and most reliable network, and pay all costs incurred.  By the way, Telus has a slogan that says, "The future is friendly".

source: BGR

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