CTIA 2008 - Live Report

CTIA 2008 - Live Report
We are in Las Vegas for the CTIA 2008 show. As expected, every major manufacturer announced new phones, most of which are coming to the U.S. carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. LG brings its touch Vu for AT&T and the new enV2. Samsung revealed the iPhone-like Instinct for Sprint and the other TV phone for AT&T, the Access. HTC showcased the Touch for Verizon and the U.S. variant of the Touch Dual slider. Sprint revealed its first QChat capable phones, including two Sanyo, LG, Motorola and Samsung devices.

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1. The Zune Lune unregistered

I have read in several places that the unit's GPS will be unlocked and that the device will have VZ Navigator. Any ideas of the GPS will be locked to Navigator?

2. WHY?!?! unregistered

How come verizon never gets phones such as the lg shine and other cool phones...with metal bodies all we ever get are cheap crappy plastic bodied phones someone get to me on this ASAP YEAH BOY

3. dan unregistered

metal phones can be heavy..plastic can be just as durable in most cases...are you asking verizon to cater to you personally?

4. unregistered

They do have a metal body phone the same as the lg shine just flip not slide.

5. unregistered

It would have been nice if the Glyde or VX9700 was on display.

6. DMBrazil unregistered

April When!?!?

7. DeeMan unregistered

VZW has the LG-VX8700. The LG Shine is a slide version of the 8700 and the Shine got released way AFTER the 8700.

8. Shannon unregistered

I have this bluetooth headset and absolutely love it. It is extremely lightweight, very comfortable, and not to mention affordable at 79.99. It has noice reduction and it also has stereo bluetooth capability so you can listen to music and no one knows that you are. It fits in your ear in a new evolutionary way. The back peice holds the bluetooth headset in your ear, unlike other kinds that just fall off. It is by far the best headset I've owned (and I've owned a lot of 'em).

9. George unregistered

Verizon better start announcing cooler phones like the Glyde, Dare, VX8560, Decoy...etc. So far, the only phone that really matters that they hae announced is the enV2.

10. elgee02 unregistered

This article states the enV2 is not thinner than the original enV when in fact it is .14" thinner or roughly 18% thinner.

11. shapshal unregistered


12. OMG! unregistered

Do you find something horribly masculine in those weirdly large mouthed Alcatel models?

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