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Sprint’s QChat Lineup Revealed

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Sprint’s QChat Lineup Revealed
We have brought you bits and pieces of Sprint’s impending QChat launch, but for the first time we have solid info on the full portfolio of devices. All of these will be branded under the Nextel Direct Connect (NDC) moniker and are backwards compatible with the existing iDEN PTT devices. Common features include Direct Connect and Group Talk, Sprint Navigation, Bluetooth, speakerphone, Sprint Mobile Email and Mobile Sync. The last one allows users to manage their contacts online, as well as set up groups for DC and text/voice messaging. This service will also instantly sync changes between the phone and the website.

QChat users will have the choice of using one number option for both PTT and voice services, though customers wishing to have two separate numbers can do so as well. Current iDEN customers will still retain the two-number system. The Sanyo PRO devices will launch first, possibly as soon as April 16th, with the rest of the models slated for this summer.


Pro-200 is an entry level phone with clamshell form-factor and slim design. Look for a $50 price-point.

Pro-700 is almost identical to the Pro-200, but certified to military standards for dust, shock and vibration. Launch price of $70.

Sanyo Pro-200
Sanyo Pro-700

Sanyo Pro-200

Sanyo Pro-700


Z400 is a mid-range rugged device, meeting Military specification 810F. It also features a 1.3 megapixel camera and a camcorder.

Z700 is one of the two high class QChat devices: it features a 2.0-megapixel camera, a microSD expansion, external music controls and support for SprintTV, Radio and Music Store.

Samsung Z400
Samsung Z700

Samsung Z400

Samsung Z700

LG LX400
Motorola V950

LG LX400

Motorola V950


LX400 is a mid-range device featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera and noise reduction capabilities.


Motorola V950 is the other high-end QChat device with a slim design. Perhaps, it will be marketed as “The only RAZR with PTT.” Features include a 2.0 megapixel camera, a microSD expansion, external music controls and support for SprintTV, Radio and Music Store.

source: Sprint

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. qchater (unregistered)

wow those are much better than boring old iden phones.

posted on 02 Apr 2008, 15:48

2. Ceelo (unregistered)

is that new bb curve 8330 going to have Qchat or does the specs on this phone sound misleading? please post any info on this ?

posted on 03 Apr 2008, 14:40

3. sheeraz (unregistered)

The Blackberry Curve iinfo is misleading, it says push to talk on phonearena's site, but that is for the gsm version. The Curve is only EVDO Rev 0, not REV A, so Q chat will not be supported, damn i wish it was that would be the phone, i carry a blackberry world edition and a nextel, be great to get down to one phone

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 17:15

9. (unregistered)

well we're in the same position.. i mean the BlackBerry 7100i was the old answer to that and its still a relatively good phone but its time for an Instinct with PTT!...

posted on 07 Apr 2008, 18:25

4. qchatter (unregistered)

that day is coming my friend, and will be closer than you think!

posted on 14 Apr 2008, 23:51

5. John (unregistered)

the sprint curve will have push to talk. i'm a sprint employee and i know it will have it

posted on 03 May 2008, 12:22

6. steph_en (unregistered)

When is Sprint going to smarten up and release QChat/ Direct Connect smartphones with QWERTY keyboards. There is a vast, untapped market of small business operators who require both radio contact (QChat/ Direct Connect) and on-call e-mail.

posted on 13 May 2008, 17:31

7. (unregistered)

Couldn't agree with you more! I am eagerly awaiting the release of such a phone. I am a former Nextel customer that switched to Sprint because I needed a PDA/Smartphone with full QWERTY keyboard and I can't stand the Blackberry phones that Nextel has...they are aweful and do not offer the same features that I enjoy with my Palm Treo. If I could marry the phones together.....I would be perfectly content!

posted on 13 May 2008, 19:29

8. (unregistered)

Just answered my own question. Q Chat is now available in Philadelphia. Blackberry Curve is Q Chat compatible and available for sale. Thank you Sprint!

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