Velocity Mobile – new WM brand

Velocity Mobile – new WM brand
Today, Velocity Mobile announced its existence and the first two phones of the brand. For manufacturing its products, the company will collaborate with Inventec and will use chips based on Qualcomm and Samsung platforms. The brand is emphasizing not only on the high-end features, but also on a user-friendly sleek and attractive design. Only time will tell if its strategy will prove successful, or it will be a disappointment (as i-mate’s attempts with the Ultimate line for example).

The two devices of the new manufacturer share most of the specifications of the Ultimate series mentioned above. They both are quad-band GSM smartphones, running on WM6.1 and based on Qualcomm MSM7100, with tri-band HSDPA (with version including 1700 MHz), featuring Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, GPS, TV/VGA out, and a 2-megapixel camera.

Velocity 103 has the typical key-less form-factor and a VGA display, while Velocity 111 has a BlackBerry-like design and a QVGA display.

We will give an advice to the new brand: the secret to success is in the unique and original names of the phones. Just using the company name and a strange number isn’t the right thing to do.



1. RC unregistered

On their website, Velocity mentions that both phones have HSDPA/HSUPA support for only 850/1900/2100 bands. I take that as 3G support for North America with world-roaming 3G capabilities but no 3G support for T-Mobile??

2. Ben G unregistered

while this could have been a glitch in the marketing department... if you look on the right, the OS being displayed on the "blackberry style" phone is WM Professional (the kind that uses touch screens). Note the start menu at top left, and no soft keys. The resolution would be very odd if it was a touch screen phone though...

3. TK unregistered

If they could make them both as thin as a moto Q i would buy it in a heartbeat. They both look amazing though

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