HTC Touch CDMA Review
This review is for the Sprint's Touch. If you are interested in the Verizon Wireless XV6900, also check this hands-on.

The HTC touch has made its way across the pond and landed on Sprint. This CDMA variant of the GSM P3450, the Sprint Touch has swapped out Wi-Fi for 3G cellular data, and doubled the memory to 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM. HTC’s unique TouchFLO interface was also revamped, making for a more fluid experience. The Sprint Touch (aka 6900) utilizes Windows Mobile 6 Professional for its operating system and currently utilizes EV-DO rev 0 data, though it will be upgradable to EV-DO rev A at a later date. It sports a 2.0 megapixel camera and support for microSDHC cards. SprintTV is available, a first for a Windows Mobile device, as well as the Sprint Music Store for over the air music downloads. Currently the Touch cannot take advantage of its internal GPS, but this feature will be available after the rev A upgrade. As the name implies, the device is run primarily by the touchscreen, there is no keypad and only a handful of physical buttons.

Included in the packaging you will find a generous amount of accessories:

  • HTC Touch handset
  • AC charger
  • USB data cable
  • 512MB microSD card
  • Stereo headphones with proprietary connector
  • Dual miniUSB adapter
  • miniUSB to 2.5mm headset adapter
  • Extra stylus
  • Leather pouch with magnetic clasp
  • Software CD (includes ActiveSync 4.5 and Outlook 2007 trial)



1. PC unregistered

Has any used this unlocked with another carrier. I don't have sprint here and want to try to use it on verizon.

2. Payneski unregistered

CDMA phones cannot be unlocked like GSM based phones. Sprint and Verizon house a database of ESN numbers that will only work on their network. Because of this, you cannot take a Sprint Phone and get it to work with Verizon's Network

3. Wedro unregistered

Because Sprint uses only CDMA phones, is it at least still possible to use unlocked CDMA phones from other carriers on Sprint's service?

4. john unregistered

both sprint and verizon are letting other companies cdma phones be activated. They just changed their policies on this.

5. James unregistered

I've had this phone on Sprint since November 2007, and I love it! With the future updates for GPS and Rev A and WM 6.1, you can't go wrong. I just hope the video drivers are released to make this a true multimedia powerhorse.

6. Ray unregistered

I have had this phone since Nov 07 and Hands down it's the best CDMA phone out. GPS and Rev A updates due by the need of Feb. With a few tweaks and added 3rd party software the Touch is truely the iphone Killer

7. Tremain unregistered

Can u send pic and text messages from this phone??? i read a review saying you can't i was told you could is that true? please help!!!!

9. unregistered

you can send pics and vids if you have the internet package on the phone. If you do not have the internet package, you will get charged tons in data charges. So you have to block national access. This makes it impossible to send pics and vids. So you can either pay the 45 a month for the internet and have everything that it has to offer, or you can block the national access and just have a phone with a calander and mobile office on it. p.s. I am a manager of a Verizon Store. I can guarantee this.

8. greg unregistered

I bought the verizon version of this phone. i dont see the full qwerty keyboard option that is shown in this review. i want a full keyboard with decent size letters, and the ability to see more that one line of text.

10. unregistered

HTC can take this phone and shove it. On my second one now in a month, after two weeks this phone develops stress cracks in the outer shell. Even the display model had them at verizon. So i will downgrade to the xv6800 or mogul as others know it in hopes of better duability. Other than that not to displeased with the phone some quriks here and there but its a microsoft o.s so im used to it.

11. Skyler unregistered

There is one of these on Ebay that claims it will have full functionality on a Cricket network. Is this possible or just a scam?

12. douchka

Posts: 4; Member since: Mar 12, 2010

No MMS, no Wi-fi, no Flash, low resolution screen. And you rate it a 9.5? SERIOUSLY?
Touch CDMA
  • Display 2.8" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm MSM7500, Single core, 400 MHz
  • Battery 1100 mAh(3.50h talk time)

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