Updated: LG VX9100 and VX8610 coming to Verizon

This article contains unofficial information.
Updated: LG VX9100 and VX8610 coming to Verizon
***Updated with themes info

Today we received information from one of our sources regarding two new LG phones that will be making their way to Verizon in the upcoming months.

The VX9100, which will replace the VX9900 enV, has a more streamlined appearance and is slightly thinner, since there is no "camera hump" on the back. The front features a newly designed dialpad with larger buttons than on the enV, as well as replacing the standard 5-way navigational d-pad with more simplistic Up & Down arrow buttons. There still is a small display located at the top. Opening up the VX9100 reveals a better designed QWERTY keypad, along with a standard QVGA display and stereo speakers. Other features include a 2MP Camera, microSD card slot, and microUSB port.

LG VX9100 Preliminary specifications

The VX8610, which will probably replace the VX8550 Chocolate, is a slider style phone with a new look. The touch-sensitive buttons are now replaced with 4 standard buttons that surround a new trackball d-pad (similar the ball used on BlackBerry devices). Sliding the phone open and close works just like the Chocolate and Venus. However, turning the VX8610 over will reveal its most interesting feature: a built-in removable Bluetooth earpiece. This is the first Verizon phone that incorporates a removable BT earpiece, so we are sure it will be one of its biggest selling points. Other features include a QVGA display, 2MP Camera, microSD card slot, and microUSB port.

LG VX8610 Preliminary specifications

Themes included on the VX9100 and VX8610 include Classic, SlickBlack, LG Theme 1, and LG Theme 2.

Unfortunately, both devices still use the standard WAP browser, which leaves the Voyager the only non-smartphone with an HTML
browser.We expect Verizon to release the VX9100 and VX8610 by the end of Q2.



1. vzw guy unregistered

Just an FYI, this VX8610 is not a replacement for the Chocolate VX8550 >> The Chocolate "3" will be out in the third quarter most likely and is a pretty different than the exsisting design. But as always ths Chocolate is all about the music, where this is much more aimed at a different crowd.

2. Gib unregistered

Wasn't the Voyager supposed to replace the Env?

3. Gib unregistered

That looks like a stanard bluetooth headset. But im gonna assume its special and can play music into your one ear...?

4. steviecrackberry unregistered

LG VX, ENV, Chocolate More garbage...

5. Matt unregistered

That definitely won't be the EnV replacement because it doesn't look anywhere as good. And plus it has almost the same stuff as the Voyager except without the touch screen. I just know that the VX9100 won't sell that well because it doesn't look good at all. LIke the EnV looks sleek and sexy and this thing looks boxy.

6. Sean unregistered

I have an enV and while I don;t mind its looks, I would NEVER go as far as calling it sexy... EVER! The 9100 isn't all that sexy either, but if it doesn't sell as well as the enV, it definitely won;t be because of looks. BTW, the 8610 looks cheap as hell.

7. Matt unregistered

Okay, maybe not sexy, but sleek can definitely describe it. I mean all the sides and corners are rounded off. And plus how come every other high schooler has it then? And I know the keyboard has a factor, but the sleekness is a factor.

8. T-Money3000 unregistered

The phones look promising. I'm quite impressed that they look fairly sleek. I like the fact that its better than the enV and chocolate but not as crazy/insane as the Voyager or Venus.

9. Paperst unregistered

I believe the 9100 will do better than the enV. So many people like the enV for it's keyboard but hate the behemoth size of it. To quote what it reads above in the details of the device: "Opening up the VX9100 reveals a better designed QWERTY keypad". I hope this proves true.

10. unregistered

I think this kinda looks like the smartphone that was presented at the gsma event coincidence?

11. lou unregistered

If you look at the themes you will notice the different icons at the top of the phone. Most of them seem normal but there was one icon on all the themes that I have never seen before. It's an arrow pointing down with colorful lines behind it. It seems to me like it's some sort of downloading app. or maybe it's just a new Get It Now Icon. :/ Does anyone know?

12. micah unregistered

I just got the enV as it was free. I hope the new 9100 will be MUCH thinner and lighter. The buttons are easily pushed when it's in my pocket which is not a good thing! The front buttons are also hard to push correctly i.e. when I try to push the down button I will accidentally push clear as well. They have a lot of work to do.

34. jl unregistered

You can turn on your keyguard for the keypad in settings & tools. No more pocket dialing. Hit the keys with fingernail instead of the finger....it works.

36. SOmbody unregistered

Yeah, but its a pointless and poorly designed key guard because all you need to do to unlock it is press "OK". If you own this phone you know that just by mashing the front keys it will eventually unlock. The best solution is to just put on a 4 character password. That sucks though we shouldn't have to do that. This could be fixed with a simple software update too...

13. AZ unregistered

This will be a very popular phone. Any phone that has a qwerty keyboard will sell and for people who cant afford the voyager this will be a good secondary option.

14. verizon insider unregistered

Via a meeting with LG these 2 phones will be out in April or May. They are replacing both the EnV9900 and the Chocolate8550. The Venus and Voyager will actually be revisited in the 4th quarter with new releases of both phones before either thanksgiving or christmas. The Prada will also be released in the 4th quarter although the name will be changed to something else. That is the line up for the rest of the year for LG at least on the verizon side according to them.

15. Eli unregistered

I noticed the get it now icon too. It's different, I wonder if get it now is getting a redesign?? I think the vx9100 is extremely "sexy." I love the look of it, If I have the money I will def put it down to get it. IMO it's def. better looking than the env and voyager.

16. unregistered

The Razr2 also has HTML browsing and it's not a smartphone.

17. unregistered

The Razr2 V9m that is sold by Verizon does not have an HTML browser. I think its only the GSM V8 version that has the HTML.

18. steviecrackberry unregistered

yup, another example on how vzw phones are garbage

19. vz in pc fl unregistered

It's obvious that steviecrackberry has the hots for ATT;that's ok-not everybody really deserves to be a VZW customer.The Ads say it best-the best phones get even better on th Nation's Best Most Reliable Wireless Network. WHO CARES how cool (can you hear Beavis?) your phones 'look' if they are relying on inferior and outdated networks?Apple iPhone is a great example-cool device that was released in 2007(not 1997) and it wasn't even 3G-maybe later-but worst of all it was on ATT?Steve definitely got the better end of the deal, because now you can get the same Wi-Fi enabled capbilities on the iPod Touch w/o the crappy little phone shoved in it!Apple good/ATT not good.

20. unregistered

"Vz in pc fl" you hit the nail on the head. Verizon has the best phones, and the best network. The iphone is a cool device, but operates on a prehistoric data network. It's like a 4 cylinder mustang. Any criticism of the 9900 is foolish as well...every high schooler out there has it because Verizon & LG had the foresight to make such a feature packed phone affordable to the masses.

21. vzwemp unregistered

I was talking to our LG rep today as he came into check on things. I was poking fun of the new 9100 (because its damn ugly), and he let me in on a little secret. That is not the real face of the ENV replacement. He was pretty adamant that I/we would be much happier with the real upgrade, not the pics on the spysite.coms... we'll see if hes lying soon enough though! of course, he gave me lots of kool swag so ill take him at his word! :D

22. kb unregistered

I have to admit I do like the 8610 its a nice looking clean phone. The fact that it will have a BT headset built in rocks because I always misplace the one that I have. I really hope they change the keypad design of both of these handset, but since both of these are prototypes a lot can change between now and launch..

23. aaron Lentz unregistered

how much with the LG vx9100 cost

24. sinfulta unregistered

At or similar to launch, there will be a Maroon color similar to the 8350 currently available. So look for Black and Maroon at or around launch.

25. VZW_Emp unregistered

The arrow that is pointing down with the colorful lines behind it is the icon for "Media Center." It is jus a new name/look for Get It Now!

26. John unregistered

vzw phonez r daa bestt phonesz u can gett..soo stfu...nd btw..da new enV doesntt look soo hott but it looksxz iightt..i got da voyagerr...nd isz nicee....

27. unregistered

idk, the 9100 is a little better since its smaller. the env still looks like a better buy, it just looks like a phone with more quality. the env just needs more colors for females. forest green? come on now. can we get a pink red or teaL?

28. anonymous unregistered

#19....stfu.....you dont know anithing bout phonesz so stfu! #20 isz rite

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