Motorola Z9 is RAZR2-inspired slider for AT&T

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Motorola Z9 is RAZR2-inspired slider for AT&T
BoyGenius showed the first images of the still-not-even-rumored Motorola Z9, appearing to be a RAZR2-inspired slider (ROKR?) with 3G support and future AT&T availability, which can be seen from the branding and the software. It runs on Synergy OS like the V9 which will also come to AT&T, and not on JUIX used in V8 and Z6. Z9 has 2-megapixel camera with flash and microSD slot for memory but other specifications are still unknown.

Visit the source for more images of the Motorola Z9.

Source: BoyGeniusReport



1. Oh Snap! unregistered


2. doug unregistered

Hmm I wonder if the sprint will have it's own internal os or the new synergy os.

3. abe unregistered

Amazing phone, kinda heavy but phone is sleek and awesome to bad you have to wait another couple of months

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