Burglars in high-speed chase stop to snap selfies before cops cuff them


How ridiculous has the selfie craze become? What happened in L.A. this afternoon says it all. A navy blue Ford Mustang, containing two burglary suspects, drove erratically on the streets and highways of L.A., nearly smashing into a TMZ bus in the process. While this was going on, news helicopters provided live coverage of what has become almost a daily event in L.A.

Eventually, the bad guys realized that they were not going to get away with it. So they pulled off the Southbound 101 and drove onto a residential street and proceeded to wait ten minutes for the cops, who were supposedly in hot pursuit of them, to show up. Bystanders took this time to pull out their smartphones to snap pictures of the suspects, and post these shots on social media.

Even more amazing, the suspects started taking their own selfies as they awaited the arrival of the cops. The whole thing took on the feel of a block party with the criminals high-fiving and glad-handing the bystanders who had accumulated on the sidewalk.

Our instant thought. Will the cops need to break into the burglars' phones to grab a copy of those selfies?

source: DavidPiercy, @CouRagePD, @paleofuture
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