Boopsie says that Windows Phone could be the next big thing

Boopsie says that Windows Phone could be the next big thing
What is Boopsie? Well, some use it as a term of endearment. But in the mobile world, Boopsie is an app provider for libraries around the world. It has started a new Boopsie Analytics service that tracks the usage of the more than 300 library branded mobile apps that it runs. Based on the data it compiled, Boopsie discovered that BlackBerry usage of its library apps declined a stunning 47% from January through September last year. The Canadian manufacturer lost 60.2% of its market share during those months. Ouch!

So what is happening to those former BlackBerry users? Tony Medrano, CEO of Boopsie, says that he has seen a steady increase in Windows Phone 8 usage that corresponds with the decline in BlackBerry. Boopsie added Windows Phone 8 library branded apps in June. From the launch of those apps through December, he states that Windows Phone 8 usage of his library apps has surged 91%.

Will Poole, a member of Boopsie's Board, says that at the end of 2013, Windows Phone 8 usage of Boopsie related apps topped BlackBerry usage by 427% Poole says that while the platform still trails iOS and Android, Windows Phone 8 "could be the next big thing in mobile." That way of thinking dovetails with many analysts, who claim that the GDR3 update now puts Android and Windows Phone 8 on a level playing field, specs-wise, at least for now.

Boopsie also has spotted a decline in iOS users since October, and a related rise in Android users. While iOS usage declined 2.38% from September to October, Android usage gained 2.91%. It certainly seems like there is a connection between the two. That was the largest monthly decline in iOS usage at the very same time that Android was scoring its largest month to month gain.

source: Boopsie via WMPoweruser

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