BlackBerry Curve Touch to be introduced next month, launched in June/July by T-Mobile

BlackBerry Curve Touch to be introduced next month, launched in June/July by T-Mobile
BlackBerry World will be taking place in Orlando next month, and one of the devices expected to be introduced at the show is the GSM version of the BlackBerry Curve Touch. According to sources for BGR, the handset has been seen with T-Mobile branding and the nation's fourth largest carrier should be launching the Curve Touch in June or July. The CDMA version of the Curve Touch, aka the BlackBerry Malibu, could launch late this coming fall.

The BlackBerry Curve Touch is said to be very similar to the BlackBerry Touch with the same proportions as the BlackBerry Orlando, which we recently reported on. That shouldn't be too surprising since the Orlando is a touchscreen Curve with a full QWERTY keyboard.

With the momentum that Android has and the continued strength of the Apple iPhone, RIM needs to do touchscreen right this time around. We should get an idea if they did the first week of next month (May 3rd-5th) when BlackBerry World takes the center stage of the cellphone industry.

source: BGR



1. tigermcm

Posts: 861; Member since: Sep 02, 2009

ummm am i the only one thats sees the side views have buttons?

4. sun0066

Posts: 278; Member since: Feb 12, 2011

who make you think you are the only with good sight

2. lazy operator unregistered no your not :-)

3. Lopes unregistered

i see too :D

5. jthiagesan

Posts: 104; Member since: Apr 20, 2011

me too. i like the side views of this phone

6. Jasonhunterx unregistered

Im not even a fan of blackberries but that is a sexy ass phone i would buy it but i have Galaxy S so im good :]

7. name unregistered

so, does this mean that those pictures aren't true, it's either the full touch is true or maybe the sideviews with the buttons are true .. I think the one with buttons would be nice, i still like BBs with QWERTY :D

8. Androidluvr unregistered

I have to admit, that this is BEST designed and quality made phone that can truly rival Iphone in quality built along. The side view is most like from the other BB with a keyboard and the front is what is going to look like. So, photo shop the side view of the other current BB to show an approximate of what the touch will look like along with the front view that has all screen. A very, very nice touch. I have had Nexus one since it came out about 1.5 years ago and absolutely love it, however I will NOT mind buying this black berry when and if it comes to T0mobile. Looking at all the Android phones coming out, there is absolutely not one that amazes me to the point of leaving my Nexus one. There is nothing new, ground braking as far as design and quality made that makes me want to jump up and buy one. This BB looks amazing and from the general looks of it, it has lots of chrome/steal type material on side that is well put together.

9. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

Awesome phone design rumor but its Fake :\.

10. rake unregistered curve touch cdma send me i am buy this phone

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