BlackBerry Curve 9380 announced, the first ever Curve with a touchscreen

BlackBerry Curve 9380 announced, the first ever Curve with a touchscreen
RIM has been embracing the inevitable this year, and outed touchscreen-equipped handsets with the latest BlackBerry 7 OS. Now it has gone in on its budget Curve series as well - RIM just announced the BlackBerry Curve 9380, which is the first ever Curve with a capacitive touch display.

The handset features a 3.2" display with 360x480 pixels, an 800MHz processor and a 5MP camera with flash and 720p HD video recording. Of course, onboard are BBM and all the usual BlackBerry software security features, that have made RIM's devices a favorite for enterprises and government agencies.

Asked about the ho-hum screen resolution, Carlo Chiarello, RIM's SVP of Handheld Product Management noted that it introduces some "tiering" among devices with the BlackBerry 7 OS, and has to do with tradeoffs between resolution and LCD quality.

The BlackBerry Curve 9830 will be hitting select carriers in the coming weeks, but it was not announced which exactly at this point, or how much it would cost.

source: RIM & CNETAsia

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Curve 9380
  • Display 3.2" 360 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.512 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1230 mAh(5.80h 3G talk time)



1. daniyo

Posts: 46; Member since: Aug 07, 2011

............. NO ONE WILL BUY THIS

2. Tatperson

Posts: 58; Member since: Oct 21, 2011

Its for those who want a full touch-screen blackberry experience but are on a tight budget.

4. hepresearch unregistered

No such BlackBerry solution exists for those on a tight budget... when you buy a BlackBerry, the name alone makes it cost more.

6. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

not lately, that name is toxic, firesales abound for blackberrys.

7. hepresearch unregistered

They are still selling them for more than they deserve to be sold for... when they start selling them the same way that Nokia's latest and greatest have been... as in 50+% discounts off of the full retail price... then you will know that they are not as overpriced any more.

3. davecann2

Posts: 460; Member since: Mar 15, 2011

This will fail and here is why... 1. It will still cost customers $100 or more on contract. Most customers will just chose lower end Android, iPhone 4 or the free iPhone 3gs. 2. When looking at the specs this phone should have come out 2 years ago. My parents flip phone has better specs then this (I'm being sarcastic). 3. BB still has no Apps! Apps are the driving force for successful smartphones. 4. Businesses are starting to move away from BlackBerry Enterprise and going with Active Sync. There is a ton of software currently available that will allow a similar experience for Administrator control using active sync.

5. hepresearch unregistered

furthermore... 5. for the last two years, the majority of users and buyers of Nokia's S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 phones, all around the world, have complained at the smallish (less than 4") low resolution (360x640) nHD displays that Nokia was using. How can RIM expect to do any better with what is essentially a three-quarter nHD display on this device?

8. Nazarino

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 28, 2011

But,360x480 pixels is better than most low-end android phone HVGA (320x480)... And i think this phone is not bad at all...

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