Better build quality for newer Palm Pre units?

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Better build quality for newer Palm Pre units?
Many who purchased the Palm Pre on the launch date of June 6th, and for the first few days afterward, had complaints about the build quality of the device. One reviewer compared the handset to a Fisher-Price toy. Based on a comparison of early models and ones manufactured in July or later, the web site preThinking was able to conclude that Palm has stepped up the quality of the handset from the initial shipment.

Taking 20 people who have purchased a Palm Pre in the last 15 days, the web site found that the units were manufactured between 7/1 and 7/29 and were in the "sunset" box. Owners of those newer Pre's reported no cracking of the screen as seen on some Pre's bought from the first batch made. Early Pre buyers also found that by shutting the keyboard with a little force, the phone would reset or turn off. By placing a little foam in the right place, Palm has prevented this from happening on newer models. Another problem that occurred, albeit rarely, was the twisting of both parts of the Pre. This has not happened in the newer models.

Other small changes include a more silver-like center button as opposed to the pearl type seen in the initial version of the handset. While the battery on the newer models remain 1150mAh, there is still a difference in appearance between the two. Finally, the pouch that came with the first batch of phones did not have Palm embossed on it like the newer ones do. Overall, it adds up to a few strategic changes that improve on the build quality of the Pre and more importantly, it shows that Palm is indeed listening to Pre owners.

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source: preThinking



1. theman10

Posts: 93; Member since: May 16, 2009

I bet the Pre is exactly the same, these 20 people just weren't retarded. I got mine on launch day, and if a screen cracks, you did it. Everyone that keeps crying about the cracking screen is retarded. It is just like any other large-screen phone...if you throw it at the ground it's going to break.

2. IHatePhones

Posts: 99; Member since: Aug 12, 2009

From what I heard, the PHONE was not responsible for the closing/resetting defect, it was a defective batch of batteries that were either too small to fit snugly or something else. Most manufacturers have no or little control of the quality of the batteries (ask Steve Jobs). To rectify this they started putting the foam in all the phones, in case any of them shipped with a defective battery. And as for the center button, that silvery finish becomes the pearl looking finish after you actually use it for a while. So all you people who are thinking of returning your pre for a "new" model.... don't.

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