Bar Android in Tokyo serves up drinks to owners of all platforms

Bar Android in Tokyo serves up drinks to owners of all platforms
In business for just a few weeks, the word in Tokyo is already out about Bar Android. Open only on Monday's from 7:30 pm to 11:30pm, it has quickly become the place for Japanese Android users to go to unwind-at least for one day a week. Located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, the bar can be patronized by anyone, even if you use a handset powered by a different platform.

Drinks and snacks are available for 500 Yen apiece (approximately $5.95 USD) and the menu includes little Gingerbread men. Not surprisingly, the person who came up with the idea is an Android user.

The Bar Android tells prospective customers not to worry about battery consumption since the club offers power supplies for patron's phones. The club also has it's own Facebook page (in Japanese, of course) and a Twitter account.

If you should find yourself in Tokyo and would like to visit, the Bar Android is located at 2F Udagawa-cho 37-14, Shibuya, Japan, 150-0042.

source: Asiajin



1. protozeloz

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Well we have to find a way of living.

3. m2n unregistered

fuk u abd ur picture u polish dik

2. daniel_bargs

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OPEN: Monday Only... hahhaa! maybe there's something that makes someone come back again.

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