Awesome Galaxy S VI concept skips a generation to hint where Samsung should head after the S IV

Awesome Galaxy S VI concept skips a generation to hint where Samsung should go after the S IV
The talented concept artists from the Apple Conspiracy are at it again, after producing the awesome titanium Nokia FX800 render, which allegedly got to some Nokia employees attention, although the Finns might already have been working on the praised metal-clad Lumia Catwalk by the time. 

This time the team is voicing their opinion on the Galaxy S IV, and its leaked design you might have seen here and there, by staging a new concept render, this time directly titled Galaxy S VI, to indicate where they want Samsung to be heading with the flagship Galaxy line in the future.

The render doesn't reiterate specs wishes this time, as who knows what the future will bring, but rather hints at the desire for Samsung to dazzle and wow going forward, that's why they directly skipped a generation, the team says:


This Galaxy S VI concept actually ties up with the innovation analysts' musings we posted yesterday, who think that the S IV will be the last high-end "in Apple's shadow" that Samsung will make. They shared the opinion that the Koreans will employ significant resources to come up with something truly unique next, although they were more optimistic, and have set 2014 for the period where Samsung's inventions, like the YOUM displays, will crawl out of the lab and proof-of-concept stages, to make a cameo in an eventual Galaxy S V next year.

Have a look at the designers' dreams and desires in the Galaxy S VI concept art slideshow below, and tell us what you think  - would and should Samsung breaking away from the Galaxy line heritage to such an extent one day?

Thanks for sending this in, Apple Conspiracy!

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