Apple will be announcing last quarter's results on January 24

Apple will be announcing last quarter's results on January 24
Apple issued a statement that it will announce Q4 (Q1 for Apple's way of counting) fiscal results on January 24. Analysts believe that the world's most-profitable cell phone company might have cracked the 30 million smartphones sold barrier in the October-December period.

Reports showed that the iPhone 4S is flying off the shelves for the holidays, and Apple might have also sold 13 million iPads, which is below some analyst's 16 million expectations, due they say partly to the cannibalization of some units by the Kindle Fire, but will be also a record tablet quarter for the fruit company, which sold 11.2 million slates the previous quarter. 

The big question is now if Apple managed to surpass Samsung in smartphone sales, since the Koreans are also staged to show a record holiday quarter in the mobile realm. The quarterly results will also be the first three months in Apple's new history without Steve Jobs, but rather Tim Cook at the helm, so that's another interesting tidbit to follow in three weeks time.

source: Apple


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