Apple shows record-breaking results for Q4 of the fiscal 2018

Apple shows record-breaking results for Q4 of the fiscal 2018
This just in, Apple makes a lot of money! But seriously, now we know exactly how much, after seeing the numbers from the company’s Fourth Quarter Results. If you’re wondering “Why fourth quarter?”, it’s because the fiscal 2018 ends three months earlier than the calendar 2018. So, back to the results, how did Apple do during the last few months? The answer is: pretty damn good.

In terms of revenue, Apple broke its own record with $62.9 billion, 20% up from a year ago. As we talked about a few days ago, the Services segment of Apple’s business has seen a tremendous growth over the last year and has reached $10 billion in revenue, more than a 25% increase year-on-year.

Meanwhile, Apple’s net income was $14.12 billion, almost 32% up from Q4 of the financial 2017, a significant jump, considering Apple was already one of the most profitable companies in the world. The positive results will please Apple’s shareholders as well, as they’ll be receiving $0.73 in cash dividends per share. This might not sound like much, but it’s still 15% more than what they got a year ago.

We told you about Apple’s Services contribution, but how did its product lineup do in terms of revenue? Unsurprisingly, the iPhone remains the top dog with more than 46 million units sold during the last quarter, bringing in $37 billion in revenue, more than half of the company’s total. This shows exactly how much Apple is relying on the three phones it’s releasing each year to keep improving those financial results.

A simple calculation shows that on average, each iPhone sold brought Apple $793 in revenue. Just a reminder that these numbers are for the quarter that ended on September 30, a few weeks after the announcement of the 2018 iPhone models, so most of the sales of the new iPhones, including the most expensive one, the iPhone XS Max, won’t show up until the next report, three months from now.

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In third place on the revenue chart come the Mac computers, bringing in a decent $7.41 billion from 5.3 million units sold, while 9.7 million iPads chipped in with a “mere” $4 billion. Apple bundles everything else into the “Other Products” category and only gives a total figure of $4.2 billion in revenue that came from AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV and everything else you can find in an Apple Store.

So, did you help Apple achieve this success with a recent purchase? Or you’re a dedicated Android user that’s just checking how the competition is doing, tell us in the comments below.

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