Apple iPhone 5s has 10% adoption rate

Apple iPhone 5s has 10% adoption rate
The Apple iPhone 5s now makes up 10% of all active iPhone models. That puts the handset's adoption right at two to three times the speed at which the Apple iPhone 5 was adopted by buyers. While the iPhone 5 picked up market share among iPhone users at a rate of .25% to .5% a week, the iPhone 5s is grabbing iPhone users at a rate of .75% to 1% a week. That is also about three times the adoption rate of the Apple iPhone 5c. This means that the iPhone 5c is being accepted at the same rate that the iPhone 5 was, not surprising since the candy coated iPhone replaced the iPhone 5 on Apple's depth charts.

The quick adoption of the Apple iPhone 5s would seem to indicate that buyers of the device are happy with the new features. Happy enough to update before their current two-year pact expires. Could Touch ID, or the 64 bit A7, or the improvements to the camera be driving demand for the Apple iPhone 5s, or is it simply a case of iPhone buyers wanting the latest and greatest model out of Cupertino regardless of where they stand on the upgrade cycle?

Considering the slower adoption rate for the Apple iPhone 5c, it seems that there is no rush in picking up that model and potential buyers of the device are waiting for their upgrade to kick-in before buying the phone.

source: Mixpanel via TechCrunch
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