Apple iPhone 4 listed on eBay for just $1299; unit ships June 25th

Apple iPhone 4 listed on eBay for just $1299; unit ships June 25th
Maybe you just plum forgot that Tuesday was the first day that AT&T would accept pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Or perhaps the idea that AT&T could sell out its entire inventory on the first day seemed so far removed from happening. Or, you could be the kind of person who likes to go with the roll of the dice and you plan on showing up at AT&T on June 24th, hoping for a shot at an unreserved unit. Suppose, though, you promised your spouse that he/she would have the new iPhone 4 before the end of the month. You don't want to disappoint your spouse, do you? Well, with the carrier sold out for now, and the odds against you being able to pick up a stray iPhone at the store on June 24th, you could turn to eBay. It is an expensive turn, to be sure. An iPhone 4 is being auctioned on the web site with a $1,299 price to "Buy it Now". The buyer will get the phone shipped overnight on June 25th for free. Sure, why not offer free overnight shipping-the profit margin at that price is amazing and the seller has 4 units available at that price. Of course, there needs to be some buyers for this to work.

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

source: eBay via Berryscoop


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