Apple iPad continues to dominate in the tablet market

Apple iPad continues to dominate in the tablet market
The latest stats from IDC show that in the tablet world, the Apple iPad remains on top and even increased its market share over the past 12 months. As of the the end of the second quarter of this year, Apple's tablet owned 68.2% of the global tablet market up from the 61.5% it owned last year. Apple shipped 17 million tablets for a year-over-year gain of 84.3% The biggest percentage gain in tablet shipments from quarter to quarter came from Samsung, The Korean manufacturer saw its tablet shipments rise by 117.6% from the second quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2012.

Among the top five tablet manufacturers, the biggest loser in the second quarter was Acer. Not only did the firm's market share of the global market drop from 4.2% to 1.8%, shipments declined 38.7%. Overall, the number of tablets shipped rose to just shy of 25 million units in the April-June period of this year from about 15 million in 2011. If you remember how to do quick and dirty division, that works out to a 66% rise in the number of tablets shipped.

While there is a huge drop off from Apple's 17 million tablets shipped in the second quarter to runner-up Samsung's 2 million, it represents opportunity for one of the other manufacturer's to cut that gap. Will Amazon be able to make a move with the sequel to the Amazon Kindle Fire, or will it be ASUS, manufacturer of the red hot Google Nexus 7.

source: IDC

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1. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

Hate all you want but that's a huge gap and it'll probably grow with apple possibly releasing a iPad mini!

3. darkkjedii

Posts: 31304; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Prepare for the droiders to thumb u down.

5. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

That's fine, they're ignorant! Android lovers and thumbing down is hilarious. All it means is that i'm right. Unlike y'all, I carry an ios device and android and have no loyalty to either.

13. bigdawg23

Posts: 467; Member since: May 25, 2011

Tre-Nitty, I am with you. I have an iPad 1 and Galaxy Note. Its the best of both worlds. iOS is good on the iPad but restricted to use on a phone.

14. TheLibertine

Posts: 484; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

You see what i did say in that other thread, did you? Phonearena, please proof your "facts". Ah, yeah i own an Galaxy Note and today i will buy my iPad. High five, best of two worlds.

4. SonyFTW2020

Posts: 311; Member since: May 03, 2012

nexus 7 is where its

7. Jay_F

Posts: 236; Member since: Nov 29, 2011

lol indeed

10. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

So people prefer touch screen digital photoframes with games over real tablets, how is it Google's fault people are dumb?

15. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

How is the iPad not a real tablet?

16. Aeires unregistered

Could be, but the mini might take sales away from the full sized iPad. Have to wait and see.

17. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

it wil take from people that cant afford the big tablet and are thinking of buying the kindlefire or the nexus 7 .. is coming out fo othose people.. not the ipad.. just watch,...

2. sorcio46

Posts: 435; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

Indeed, I can see even good results from Samsung and Asus about the last year growth

6. wendygarett unregistered


9. SonyFTW2020

Posts: 311; Member since: May 03, 2012


8. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Yea....68% is nice. Very nice Wasnt it higher than that one time? Alot higher? Just throwing some perspective out there...

12. Pings

Posts: 304; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

It was. It just a matter of time before we see Android on the top of that list. It's a numbers game. Look and the iPhone vs Android sales. It's not even fair. One phone vs an OS, come on. In time and not much longer Android will be on top the tablet market share. It's a numers game. You don't think so? Ok bet you were on of those people that thought Apple would dominate the market share of smartphones. Well that wasn't the case. Love or hate Apple, it has nothing to do with it. Again it is a numbers game.

11. Pdubb

Posts: 249; Member since: Aug 08, 2011

Interesting!! Maybe that is why they are suddenly(well not suddenly) lumping it in with the pc. Getting close to a monopoly market share like Windows. That would be interesting indeed.

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