The iOS 12 beta code reveals Apple's next bestseller, dual-SIM iPhones

iOS 12 beta 5 further hints at dual-SIM support coming to future iPhone models
It's not the first time we are hearing that Apple will be releasing an iPhone that can support two carrier networks at once, but a recent dive into the iOS beta 5 that was just released comes to add more water in that rumor mill. There are three new references in iOS 12 that gravitate towards the idea of a dual-SIM iPhone - an Apple first. Tucked in the code strings are the phrases "second SIM status," "second SIM tray status," or "dual sim device," all of which point to one logical conclusion. 

The other logical conclusion used to be that Apple will outfit the second SIM card slot into its rumored "affordable" 6.1" iPhone, whose CAD-based render you see above. A subsequent tip, however, claims that it will be the largest iPhone ever - the upcoming 6.4" X Plus - that will be the first iPhone out of the door with a dual SIM version, mainly because the LCD model is likely to be delayed

The more important extra features that are coming to the iPhones' cellular modems this year seem to be Gigabit LTE connectivity, and dual SIM dual standby, though whether or not Apple will implement that particular option is anyone's guess. Still, Intel's new modems will be offering it, so perhaps the more affordable iPhone could sport a dual-SIM version as well, at least in places like China or Europe where such models are popular.

In this way, Apple shoots plenty of birds with one stone - it may gun for early adopter sales of the high-end models first, especially in Asia where dual SIM phones are a big deal, before it launches the "budget" iPhone 9 2018 a month or two later, plus it will make the X Plus even more enticing on the high end where it is supposed to be priced starting at $999. We'll see how will this strategy materialize if it pans out, but at least Apple may finally have an iPhone for those who have been holding on to buying one as they can't use two SIM card at once.

source: 9to5Mac
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