Apple files patent application for improved noise cancellation for wireless earbuds

Apple files patent application for improved noise cancellation for wireless earbuds
It most likely won't be offered as an accessory for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus, but a patent application filed by Apple shows that the tech titan is looking at a method to improve the voice quality heard on wireless earbuds. Filed with the USPTO, the application is entitled "System and method of improving voice quality in a wireless headset with untethered earbuds of a mobile device." The technology includes two microphones, each positioned inside an earbud.

Using a number of sensors, including one that tracks the vibrations from the user's bones, the system determines which of the two earbuds is producing the higher quality signal, which is passed along to a mobile device. Additionally, sensors and acoustical information is used to determine if an earbud is actually in a user's ear. If the system determines that one earbud is not being employed, voice output would default to the second earbud. 

The application is number 20150245129, and was originally filed on February 21, 2014. Apple has yet to unveil a set of wireless headphones for the iPhone and there is no indication that it might do so this year. Of course, that doesn't preclude Apple from using this technology in a future set of wireless earphones for its iconic smartphone.

source:  USPTO via AppleInsider


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