Apple files for a patent on a material that looks like metal, but allows for wireless reception


For some, the antenna lines on the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus are as annoying as panty lines are to women. Back in October, we told you that some owners using the latest iPhone models were finding that these lines were getting discolored by sliding the phone in and out of jean pockets. Still, it beats the antenna system that was employed on the Apple iPhone 4 whichspawned Antennagate.

Nonetheless, Apple is looking to get rid of those Antenna lines, which are necessary to get a radio signal through the anodized metal used on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As the first step to removing those lines, Apple has filed an application with the USPTO for a new metal that has the same look and feel as the material used on the latest iterations of Apple's smartphone. But this new material will allow radio signals to reach the components inside a future iPhone model by having enough transparency to let them through.

The patent application mentions a couple of different ways that Apple can produce this imitation anodized metal. One way involves depositing a non-capacitive layer on top of a metal oxide layer. Another method involves the forming of an imitation metal oxide layer and covering it with a non-capacitive layer.

There is no guarantee that Apple will ever use the methods outlined in the patent application. Still, for those who would rather see the iPhone sport a clean look, this patent application offers some hope.

source: USPTO via BusinessInsider

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