Apple Watch app rules – users must only look at the screen for a maximum of 10 seconds

Apple Watch app rules – users must only look at the screen for a maximum of 10 seconds
As you may know – Apple has given select developers an SDK for its upcoming Apple Watch, so that the wearable can hit the ground running with a good amount of apps ready to go. And, of course, said developers have been given a certain amount of guidelines they need to follow when creating their products, which, naturally, Apple will be reviewing before they hit the App Store. Well, one of these guidelines include that apps should be made in such a manner that usage of more than 10 seconds would be discouraged.

Now, there has been a lot of speculation about the battery life of the upcoming wearable, and many believe that it will not be enough to last a full day with comfortable usage. So, this report may throw some oil in that fire, but on the other hand – the guideline may be catered to user experience as well. See, people usually don't want to spend a lot of time operating their wearable, so the time-limiting instruction may be carved out so that developers keep their apps short, sweet, and to the point – giving the user as much information at a glance as they can.

Well, whatever the case, the Apple event, at which the Watch will reportedly be launched, is only a few days away, so answers will be coming soon.

source: Bloomberg via The Guardian


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