Android keeps us hungry for new OS releases; after Honeycomb will come Ice Cream

Android keeps us hungry for new OS releases; after Honeycomb will come Ice Cream
Keeping the dessert tray coming, the next version of the Android OS after Honeycomb will be Ice Cream according to Forbes. Since Cupcake, we have been treated to Donut, Eclair and the current Froyo builds of Google's open source OS. Gingerbread is expected to grace certain smartphones-like the Motorola Olympus-before the end of the year or early in Q1 for 2011. Honeycomb should follow early next year with Ice Cream due out in the middle of 2011, according to the magazine.

The Ice Cream, uh, leak comes from Tudor Brown who is the president of ARM. That company makes processors which integrate with electronic devices, some of which run Android. He told Forbes about the Ice Cream name for Android 4.0. This is the second time in recent memory that a leak revealed the name of an upcoming Android OS release. Before The Mountain View based company had a chance to make the announcement, Samsung had leaked the Gingerbread name at a trade show this past September.

So now we know that the name of Android 5.0 will probably be a dessert that starts with the letter "J". Any ideas?

source: Forbes



1. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

Jello is obvious. But. Jigglies would be awesome. Very Married with Children ;)

2. maxjfajkfdjl unregistered

jelly beans

3. digitalkool unregistered


4. Marco151polo unregistered


7. atworkrightnow unregistered

I like it! Especially if they add a huge new feature/functionality, it would be fitting.

8. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

we have a winner here

5. trendsbze unregistered


6. kingtsy unregistered


9. RT_1704 unregistered

Jolly Rancher

10. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

i would like if they could slow down just a bit cause the biggest problem now is that companies cant keep up so fast releases

11. elitemashy92

Posts: 6; Member since: Jan 14, 2010

You are absolutely bang on right there mate. they should release few but really major updates together.

12. JRN1704 unregistered

I’ll have to agree as well. I love the Android but the only thing that makes the Android below their competitor, the iPhone, is the fact that the OS is all over the place.

13. derk614 unregistered

wow another one is coming out mis lets sit and think about many phones have 2.1? how man have 2.2? its good that they are slowing up but my biggest gripe with android is that the phones arent made equal and the phone that you just bought is old after a month or so or it wont get the newest update because it dont meet the requirements.....speaking for me and along with other people some people dont want to keep buying a new phone at it full price just to get the new update. and rooting is dumb, if the phones were made equally there wouldnt be a need to root. i just feel that i shouldnt have to root my phone

17. rootisadminaccess unregistered

actually even if all devices were made equally hardware spec wise, we would still need root because the OS of the phone is hierarchy based which means we need administrator access to do certain things to the phone that we want, as in install custom versions of applications, themes, exploring files stored on the device memory, etc. there are many good uses to getting root that have nothing to do with every phone being equal, now the fact that it voids warranty is another thing, it shouldn't void warranty at all but thats another topic and of course life's a bitch, but gotta appreciate it.

14. ....4 unregistered

i love android but I feel that it wasnt thought out throughly enough as far as how the updates are issued and the requirements that qualifies a phone for the update....SUGGESTION... how about having both a watered down version of it for the less spec phone and also have the orginal one for the more up to date phones

15. aj124 unregistered

Jello! :)

16. XxVerbalxX unregistered

jello wpuld be perfect but its trademarked like jolly rancher. i like jawbreaker, but im guessing jellybean...sounds more user friendly.

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