Analyst projects one in three phones in US will run iOS or Android at end-2011

Analyst projects one in three phones in US will run iOS or Android at end-2011
Smartphones running iOS or Android will continue impressive growth and reach a third of all phones in the United States at the end of 2011, independent analyst Horace Dediu concluded based on current statistics provided by Nielsen. The smartphones, which seem to be more and more proliferate, will reach half of all phones at the end of next year. This would mean a rise from a 30 per cent share today and 18 per cent in the past year.

Overall, iOS or Android users will add up to 80 million, up from 35 million as of today, while some 120 million Americans in general will use smartphones. This will affect services provided by carriers and will largely replace traditional voice services from the first place and put unlimited data plans as number one engine of revenue by 2012. And while the analyst did not go to predict what prices will look like by that time, he underlined that prices and competition “will inevitably be in a state of extreme flux”.

Take a look at the graphs, which will give you a clear view on the analyst's projection of the steep growth of smartphones throughout next year. Also take into account, that the data measures handsets in use, not sold units, which could be a different number altogether. What are your predictions about the growth of smartphones?

source: Asymco via PhoneDog

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