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Amazon announcing next-gen Kindle Fire: meta-liveblog

Posted: , by Ray S.

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Amazon announcing next-gen Kindle Fire: meta-liveblog
So, after we saw Nokia and Motorola announce their newest phones yesterday, it's now Amazon's turn to announce its own phone... um, we mean tablet... or, well, the reality is that we still don't know exactly what Amazon's going to announce today.

But we intend to find out! Welcome to our liveblog of Amazon's Kindle event, where we anticipate the company to introduce at least a Kindle Fire 2.

Stay tuned, folks, the event will begin at:
1:30PM ET | 12:30PM CT | 10:30AM PT | 7:30PM Central European Time

Live event tracker

13:58Thanks for being with us people. This was Ray doing this liveblog for you. Stay tuned for our hands-ons with the new Fires!
13:57The LTE plan for the KIndle Fire HD LTE was a bit weird to tell you the truth... $50 per year (great), for 250MB per month (weird). Oh well.
13:56Well, that's a wrap guys. About 4 new Kindle Fire tablets! No phone, but... well, can't have it all, you know.
13:55"We are not building the best tablet at a certain price. We have just built the best tablet at any price." Now that's debatable.
13:55Preorders start today, ships November 20.
13:53Amazon Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, 8.9", 32GB, $499. Not bad.
13:514G LTE!
13:51"So we went back to the drawing board, and decided that the only thing that could jusftify that price would be the ultimate tablet feature."
13:51I think something big is coming...
13:51"That's a lot of room! What could we add?"
13:49Amazon: How are these prices possible:
13:47The Kindle Fire HD 8.9" will cost $299, coming November 20th.
13:47Kindle Fire HD 7" will cost $199, ships September 14.
13:46IT looks like there's an HD Kindle Fire which is 7"!
13:44Hey Jeff, now's the time to suddenly pull a phone out of your pocket...
13:43There's a neat feature called X-ray, which shows all the places in a book where your search term is found.
13:40Jeff is just showing us how games run on the Fire HD now. Well, they run perfectly. Anyone surprised?
13:37Jeff Bezos is currently demoing the Kindle Fire HD. We're still waiting to hear the price...
13:35The custom UI of the devices seems pretty similar to what we had on the original Kindle Fire, but faster and smoother.
13:34Check this out - multiple profiles!
13:33There will also be Parental Controls, allowing parents to set the screen time for their kids.
13:33Actually the Facebook and Skype apps will be custom made for the Kindle Fire HD!
13:32You'll be able to use the tablet's front HD camera to do Skype calls.
13:31The email application is also greatly improved. With Exchange support, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! support.
13:30A service called WhisperSync for Games, will keep your game progress synced with the cloud.
13:30"I am amazed at how many games we've sold on the Kindle Fire."
13:28"What if you could fuse together the Kindle Book and the audiobook? Turns out you can, and we call it Immersion Reading."
13:26Kindle Fire HD comes with 16GB of internal storage.
13:24The Kindle Fire HD will probably the fastest Wi-Fi device once it comes out.
13:23Amazon is really proud of the Wi-Fi and antennas of the Kindle Fire HD.
13:21This new 8.9" Kindle Fire HD looks pretty hot.
13:21Dolby Digital Plus, imrpoved Wi-Fi (5 GHz), two antennas...
13:18Jeff quickly compares the OMAP to Tegra 3, and it looks like Kindle Fire HD's silicon should perform pretty well.
13:17It uses the TI OMAP 4470 processor.
13:16"Is it a little more expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely."
13:16This will have great pixel density.
13:16With 1920 x 1200 resolution.
13:15Not really 10, but 8.9 inches!
13:14Wow wait - KINDLE FIRE HD! 10.1 inch model!

Images courtesy of The Verge.

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posted on 06 Sep 2012, 12:07

1. imkyle (Posts: 1086; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Announcing a phone would be a ballsy. I would applaud them for that.

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 12:11

2. kindahipdude (Posts: 55; Member since: 05 Apr 2012)

I really doubt I'd ever buy an amazon phone...but I guess we'll see.

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 12:41

3. RapidCat (Posts: 351; Member since: 12 Jun 2012)

live streaming :(

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 12:43

4. Ray.S (Posts: 388; Member since: 19 Jul 2011)

No live streaming of this event guys, this liveblog is your only chance of following the event! :)

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 13:20

5. chrisbo5 (Posts: 31; Member since: 26 Jan 2012)

8.9 inch tablet? black outline and rounded corners? apple isnt happy

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 13:22 2

6. fervid (Posts: 183; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

Wikipedia nerds are quick. They had the OMAP specs updated as soon as he stated the processor.

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 13:52

8. itiswhatitis (Posts: 423; Member since: 23 Jan 2012)

i guess they go where people go,know what i mean?

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 13:48

7. josephnero (Posts: 593; Member since: 16 Nov 2011)

good price

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 13:54

9. structureman116 (Posts: 141; Member since: 14 Sep 2010)

I'll buy the 8.9" Fire HD, especially with LTE...suck it Apple!

posted on 06 Sep 2012, 13:56

10. fervid (Posts: 183; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

That 4G symbol looks like ATT, but the next pic shows some wimpy 250MB plan. So, are you stuck with some Amazon plan or can you add this thing on an ATT Shared plan?

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