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Alleged Android N screenshot reveals hamburger menu in the settings app

We asked you not long ago what do you think Google will call the next version of its mobile operating system, coded as Android N, and most of you answered Nougat (perhaps because Nutella wasn't an option, of course). 

Well, we might learn the final name very soon, as Android N should be already deep into the making, if Google wants to announce and preview it at its usual I/O late spring/early summer event, which this year is scheduled for May 18-20.

So far, we haven't heard much about any potential new features of Android N, save for the fact that it might do away with the app drawer, like on the new LG or Samsung overlays, or in most Chinese brands. Today, however, the existence of a working Android N version has been confirmed by none other than one Artem Russakovkii, a leakster of all things Google and Android. 

Not only that, but the posting on Google's developers blog, which shows the presence of a hamburger menu instead of a back arrow in the Settings app, is also seemingly confirmed to be from Android N by Artem. The back arrow at that side was totally redundant anyway, given that we have virtual or physical navigation buttons, so, unless you are left-handed and with a big-screen handset, a back arrow in the hardest to reach corner of the screen made no sense, and Google might have taken notice in Android N.

source: Google & ArtemRusakovskii (G+)
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