Adobe reveals news about Flash 10.1 and AIR for smartphones

Adobe reveals news about Flash 10.1 and AIR for smartphones
We are expecting Adobe to release the plug-ins that will enable full Flash support for both webOS and Android sometime in the first half of the year. Now the company has informed that Flash for both platforms will be released at the same time, respectively through the Palm Catalog and Android Market.  The company has also brought working Android and webOS devices to the show. Windows Mobile users should not become disillusioned though, as Microsoft and Adobe have said that although it won’t be available on WM 7 at first, they are working to bring the browser plug-in to the platform in the future.

Additionally, Adobe has announced a new version of AIR, designed for smartphones. Adobe has that working on Android here at the MWC. This version of AIR should allow developers to bring Flash-based applications to all smartphones supporting the platform. Adobe has also developed a compiler that allows devs to compile Flash-based apps as native iPhone apps.

source: Adobe via jkOnTheRun




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MWC 2010 FTW :D What about Flash for WM 6.5 though? I think they are just focusing on WM7 now, like everybody is doing. Let's just forget about the past!

2. DontHateOnS60

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and Symbian??

3. htc_prep

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How cute of Adobe to be the bigger person and still supply software for Apple devs even with Steve jobs tirade.

4. E.N.

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Yeah. I agree with that.

5. DonkeyPunched

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6. theGodpapa

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7. Maarek Stele

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This will put the iPhone to shame in months since there are TONS of flash games out there that are much better then the iPhone games. And they are free where you have to pay for your FART app.

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