ASUS unveils the Transformer Book T300 Chi: a thin 12.5" Windows tablet with 2560x1440 display, and fanless design

A super-thin hybrid laptop with a 2,560 x 1,440 display: the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi
Asus is on a roll today at the Computex 2014 expo, announcing a full-featured seasonal lineup, ranging from phones, through tablets, to crazy hybrids. One of those awesome combos we've come to associate Asus with already, is the new Transformer Book T300 Chi, dubbed by the company to be the "world's thinnest 12.5-inch detachable tablet." 

Exactly how thin it comes in that case? Just 0.56" (14.3mm) for the tablet part plus the keyboard dock, and the respectable 0.29" (7.3mm) for the tablet half only. Not too shabby for a 12.5-incher at all, as the nearest competitor, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, is at 0.36" (9mm). As for the rest of the specs, Asus again one-ups the Pro 3, featuring a 2560 x 1440 IPS-LCD display, and some mystic "Intel’s next-generation, high-performance, low-power processor based on the Core micro-architecture." 

If Asus means Intel's upcoming Broadwell line, instead of Haswell, as hinted by the words "fanless design," this thing is unlikely to see the light of day before the fall, but the silicon and screen resolution would immediately make it one of the more interesting detachable tablet devices out there when it lands. Still, Haswell also has a fanless mobile edition, so it might land sooner, and there will also be a Transformer Book T300 Chi with LTE connectivity. Asus is staying mum on the exact pricing for the kit. It will also be apparently available in at least black and the fashionable gold colors, judging from the press shots below.

source: Asus

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