Intel readies first fanless Haswell processor for tablets and convertibles, can we say Surface 2?


An Intel spokesperson has confirmed that Intel is not done with its mobile processor assault, prepping a new Haswell chip for release later this year, that will make mobile device makers drool.

The fourth generation Core iX processor will consume just 4.5 watts of power, compared to the lowest power envelope of 6 watts that the most frugal current member of the Haswell family has, and come without the need for fan cooling, making it the fist Core line CPU to do that.

This will put Intel's CPUs right up the alley of ARM-based processors, offering long battery life and fanless design, but with much more powerful performance, and the ability to run full-blown Windows 8. Needless to say the 4.5 watts fanless Haswell is destined for tablets and convertibles, and something tells us we might see it in the second Microsoft Surface generation, as Intel said it will be available in limited quantities later this year.

Given what Samsung and other are already doing with breathtaking convertibles like the ATIV Q we reviewed recently, which still sports a Haswell with a fan, we can only imagine the thin and light devices with Win 8 that will come out when the fanless Haswell hits the conveyor belts.

via CNET

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