Beautiful dark wallpapers perfect for AMOLED displays


Did you know? Predominantly dark images look amazing on AMOLED screens! What, you knew? Okay, okay, sheesh, put away the pitchforks and hear us out! Searching for wallpapers suitable for AMOLED displays is easy — you just type in a few words in your search engine of choice and presto, you get a bunch of results — but finding really cool-looking ones is not a simple task, my friend! Most of the so-called “AMOLED wallpapers” you'll find online, are mostly just pitch-black patches with a splash of color in the middle, which, as cool as they might look at times, are getting pretty old, pretty fast. Furthermore, if you really want to showcase one of the main strengths of this display technology, you might as well just slap a pure black background on, remove all icons from your home screen, and go around asking people to guess whether the phone is ON or OFF...

All jokes aside, we have something different in mind for today. We have assembled a collection of hand-picked backgrounds which will instead wow you with striking imagery and thoughtful composition, all the while playing on the strengths of the AMOLED technology and creating unique and visually engaging looks for your home and lock screens.

And while on the topic of this display technology, with the official launch of Google's Pixel and Pixel XL just around the corner, yet another set of big Android flagships — perhaps the biggest of them all, in a sense — will land on the market with AMOLED screens on board, shunning away from the good ol' LCD. And this is just the beginning.

Among other factors at play, Google's new Daydream VR platform, which necessitates the implementation of this technology in compatible devices, will also push more and more Android handset makers to adopt AMOLED as a standard. Even if we still see a significant number of lower end Android phones packing LCDs a year from now, it's a safe bet that Google's next in-house devices will be rocking those AMOLEDs, pushing the top-end of the industry along.

With all that said, if you've already pre-ordered your Pixel or Pixel XL, you're probably already itching at the prospect of getting it today! In the mean time, why not sit back and enjoy our pick of great-looking wallpapers that will be a perfect fit for your Pixel's AMOLED display, not to mention help you conserve energy!

  • As usual, you can preview the wallpapers in the gallery below. For the full-sized images, go here.

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