50+ Beautiful high-res wallpapers, perfect for your LG G7, Galaxy S9, Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, and others

After another short hiatus, we're back with a new collection of beautiful, high-resolution wallpapers for your smartphone and tablet! What can I tell ya, folks, finding good, high-quality images ain't as easy as it may seem! But anyway, all of the wallpapers that made our list this week have been hand-picked to ensure that they are both good-looking, as well as large and detailed enough to look sharp on even the most pixel-dense displays out there.

If you're not really into theming, icon packs, custom launchers and all that, sometimes a simple wallpaper switch will help breathe some fresh air into your smartphone. It's pretty much universally simple to get the deed done, and a fresh new background can really spruce things up for your home screen.

That's where our regular picks of some of the best wallpapers from around the world come in! Also, make sure to take a look at our previous wallpapers collections (linked in the timeline at the end of the article), in case you've missed any over the past months.

This week's selection isn't themed, but we'll be making sure that as many as possible, and as diverse as possible, backgrounds will make the cut. Enjoy!

Given the large resolutions of these wallpapers, we've included scaled-down versions for preview purposes in the gallery below (this will save you both some time and bandwidth). To get the full-size images, follow this Google Drive link.

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