A.I. type for Android reads your mind and saves you keystrokes while you type

A.I. type for Android reads your mind and saves you keystrokes while you type
A.I. type is an app in beta mode, available for free from the Android Market. In combination with the Gingerbread keyboard and an Android phone running 2.2 or higher, the app increases your typing speed by making auto-corrections and also by guessing what word you will type next. According to the developer, using A.I. type can save you 75% of the number of keystrokes normally used when typing..

Because the app reaches into the clouds for information, the software doesn't require much storage space. We installed it on a Motorola DROID and found that the program works as advertised. As you are writing a sentence, the program suggests the next word. Just click on the correct word and you have just saved yourself a number of  key strokes. The app also supports multiple languages and voice recognition.

If you are familiar with the Swiftkey keyboard, you will find A.I. to be somewhat similar. The difference is that the former comes with its own QWERTY keyboard while the latter uses the Gingerbread QWERTY. If you're not sure about downloading the app, you can check out the video below.

source: A.I.type via AndroidCentral



10. A.I.type Team unregistered

Hi All, We’ve released yesterday version 0.5.25 of our GingerBread based Keyboard. This is far more stable version. However some devices still has the keyboard appear squashed (tiny keypad). If any of you guys has Motorola Xoom, HTC Desire HD, Motorola Atrix 4g, Droid 2 or any other device that it appeared to be squashed and still experience it ,please write to us at support@aitype.com Tx all for your patience and understanding, and we promise to get to you a better and updated version soon. Stick with us, and if you like our keyboard , you are welcome to leave appropriate comment on the market. As to the the WiFi / Cellular communication, it is encrypted and slim , and so is the battery consumption , as a result. (i.e we have a similar version running on a PC. Try it now for FREE) Tx for using our keyboard, A.I.type Team

9. andro unregistered

Its kinda slow and unfortunately requires a constant internet connection to actually work

8. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

the world doesnt want predictive text that can spell words properly.... thats why we break everything down OMG FML ROTFLOL. seriously... the apps are so good we can be soooo lazy to not only be able to spell correctly, but to not even need to think of what word is next.... we are soooo lazyyyy but yet we STILL use short form and f4ck the languages to hell.... we need an apps that makes teachers teach, parents parent and students study. otherwise, soon dots in brail will be a chore.

11. nimo

Posts: 72; Member since: Jun 11, 2010

Grammar app anyone ?

6. TedY unregistered

Looks like you need better captcha's phonearena

3. TedY unregistered

Yeah i made sure it's set up correctly, the issue is that the keys are soooo small, its like it is sized incorrectly. Looks shrunk on the screen

7. Eitan unregistered

We just release a new version that should fix this problem, Please try to update. Eitan A.I.type

2. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

did you go under settings/ local&text/ and allow it to be used?? :)

1. TedY unregistered

doesn't work on an atrix

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