7 million attempts to download flash from iPhone/iPod Touch users in December

7 million attempts to download flash from iPhone/iPod Touch users in December
Steve Jobs has had some rather negative things to say about Adobe. He recently called the company "lazy" and said that the reason the iPhone doesn't support Flash is because the software is too buggy. Someone should tell iPhone and iPod Touch users who tried  7 million times to download Flash from Adobe.com in December alone. That was up from 3 million attempts in June. Users most likely headed to Adobe's web site after trying to click on an image, and received a response that the Flash player was needed to see the content. Adobe says this is a sign that Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users want Flash on their device. According to Strategy Analytics, 53% of smartphones will support full Flash by 2012, which works out to about 250 million handsets. Because Flash support is still not widespread at this stage, the Apple devices have not yet been hurt by not supporting the software. But as more and more phones start to support it, Steve Jobs will have to decide whether or not his customers wishes are more important than a personal vendetta. And we're not sure that the adjective "lazy" would describe a company that counts 7 million of anything.

source: S.F.Chronicle via Engadget


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