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Steve Jobs goes on the attack, watch out Google and Adobe

Steve Jobs goes on the attack, watch out Google and Adobe
Just days after launching what he considers to be the most important device of his career, Apple CEO Steve Jobs faced a throng of Apple employees for a sort of Town Hall Q&A session. Any doubt whether Jobs is physically able to maintain the tough pace of being Apple's top man on the totem pole has now officially been erased after a number of comments made by the exec, pointed directly at Adobe and Google.

Jobs went after Google's motto of "Don't Be Evil" with some witnesses saying that Jobs outright called the motto "a load of crap," after the Mountain View company launched the Nexus One. Jobs pointed out that Apple didn't go into the search business, so why should Google go after the iPhone? Jobs pointed out that Google wants to kill the iPhone. (Which is probably why it has been labeled, along with the DROID, the LG Voyager, the Samsung Instinct, the HTC HD2 and some others as the 'iPhone killer',a label that none of the devices was able to stand up to).

As far as Adobe is concerned, Jobs says the reason that the iPhone doesn't support Flash is because it's so buggy. He even stated that the rare times when a Mac crashes, it is usually due to Flash. Jobs also predicted that no one would be using Flash in the future, turning instead to html5 which is somewhat ironic. Why? Because html5 is the platform used by Google to allow the new browser supported Google Voice app to bypass Apple's App Store and work on mobile Safari. The CEO also says that Adobe has the potential to do many great things, but just doesn't and he calls the company lazy.

Wow, it sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of his iBed this morning. Perhaps he should take a tablet and see the Doctor. Anyway, for those iPhone/iPod Touch users who have been waiting for Adobe to release a version of Flash for mobile Safari, it doesn't sound like you might see it released soon.

source: Wired via BGR
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