6 things that could have made the new Moto G4 downright irresistible

6 things that could have made the new Moto G4 downright irresistible
While the new Moto G4 looks like a very competent smartphone that delivers a hefty bag of tricks for the buck, it's still a device that visibly has its roots in a budget series. It's understandable that Motorola had to cut some corners in order to achieve a ratio of features and price that's attractive to both the company and its customers. And honestly, Motorola could have done much worse. The Moto G4 does not appear 'crippled' in any way or form. But it could have benefited from a little more pocket stretching so some of its power and functionality could reach farther.

We thought of six things that could have turned the new Moto G4 from a banger of a deal to downright insanely good value. Do you agree with them, and is there something you would have loved to see Motorola bring to its new budget handset? Scroll through the slideshow and tell us in the comments below!

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